What You Need To Do To Ensure A Smooth Wisdom Tooth Removal Recovery

Dec 17, 2019 | Dental Information

When the time comes for you to have your protruding wisdom teeth removed, your mind may immediately jump to the recovery process. Wondering exactly what you need to do to recover, how long it may take and what foods to eat or avoid are just a few questions that may be racing through your head. Fortunately, Slipacoff Dental has all the answers and solutions you need to ensure a smooth, short-term recovery.

Here is what you can do to expedite the wisdom teeth removal healing process and enjoy eating and drinking your favourite foods and drinks as soon as possible.

Immediate Post-Surgery Recovery

On the day of the wisdom tooth extraction surgery, you will most likely receive anesthesia or sedation from the dentist. Try to have a family member or friend there to take you home from the dental clinic. After a period of time, your mouth will regain some feeling and you may experience swelling, numbness and bleeding. When this happens, use the gauze supplied to you by the dentist to dry the blood and apply an ice pack to your face to reduce swelling and pain. You may be prescribed painkillers, and if so, take them according to the advised instructions only.

Long-Term Surgery Recovery

Most people are able to recover from their wisdom teeth removal surgery in a few days. However, depending on the patient and whether the teeth emerged at an awkward angle, the recovery time can extend to a week or longer. The wounds are still healing, however, you should be able to recoup and resume your work, activities and tasks. After three to four days, the bleeding and swelling should have subsided. You should be cleaning your mouth frequently to remove bacteria. Clean with the following instructions:

  • Rinse your mouth frequently after meals, before bed and in the morning, with salt and warm water. This keeps the open wound clean.
  • Do not spit out the water when rinsing; instead, gently dab at the wisdom tooth wound with gauze to absorb any blood and water.

Foods To Eat and Foods To Avoid

Initially, you should only be consuming soft foods and drinks to avoid vigorously exerting your jaw and muscles. Stick to the following soft foods:

  • Apple sauce
  • Pudding
  • Soups
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Smoothies
  • Water
  • Cottage cheese

Following the surgery, your gums and teeth are extremely susceptible to pain and discomfort. Avoid the following foods after your surgery:

  • Hot-temperature foods that can burn and irritate the wound
  • Nuts, seeds or any small foods that can become stuck in the wound
  • Drinking out of a straw or slurping on a spoon, which can disrupt the stitches

When it’s time to have those irritating wisdom teeth removed, give Slipacoff Dental a call. Our dental professionals ensure a smooth, comfortable and efficient wisdom teeth removal process to allow for a quick recovery. Book your complimentary consultation with us today at https://sarniadentistry.com/!