Why You Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Apr 22, 2021 | Oral Health Care

Getting your wisdom teeth removed has become somewhat a rite of passage of adulthood in western society. It is one of the most common dental surgeries performed today, and many people go through with it. But you may be wondering why, especially if your wisdom teeth are not causing you any pain or trouble.

While it’s true it may not always be necessary to remove them, below are some of the reasons why and when you should get your wisdom teeth removed.

Preventative Measures

Although it may not look like it from the surface, your wisdom teeth could be a significant problem for your mouth and jaw if left unremoved. Just because they don’t hurt now doesn’t mean they won’t hurt later!

Sometimes, these molars are growing at odd angles that might impact the rest of your teeth later. Sometimes, your mouth is too small and if your wisdom teeth grow in it will lead to

overcrowding and other dental issues down the line.

Dentists make the decision to remove these otherwise healthy wisdom teeth in order to prevent this from happening. They can tell it will be a problem for you later thanks to the help of dental x-rays.

Sinus Problems

If you are experiencing sinus issues such as pressure, congestion or pain, this may be caused by your wisdom teeth.

Jaw Damage and Inflamed Gums

The gum tissue around your wisdom teeth and surrounding teeth can become irritated and inflamed. Cysts may also form when your wisdom teeth emerge, and without proper medical attention these can cause long lasting nerve damage.


Sometimes, wisdom teeth can cause impaction within your gums, underneath your teeth. This is because they do not always grow in a straight angle and they may not have room to go in the direction they want to. This causes crowding, which leads to having crooked teeth and then may force you to need more treatments to straighten out your teeth. This would be a gigantic pain, especially if you have already gone through the experience of having braces before.

Because of the reasons outlined above, many dentists make the decision to remove wisdom teeth for a majority of the population. Even if they do not fully emerge, or emerge at all, dentists believe that it is more beneficial in the long run.

Most dentists also believe that removing them at a younger age is best. This doesn’t give the wisdom a chance to fully form roots or bone in the jaw, and the recovery process tends to be a lot faster when you are younger. This is why most people receive this surgery when they are young adults.

If you still aren’t convinced, speak with your dentist about what options you have. Your dentist can also explain to you what you are at risk for if you do decide to keep your wisdom teeth in your mouth. In any case, you can wait a few months before making the leap and deciding to operate to see how you feel. Contact Slipacoff Dental today for a consultation, or any other dental needs you may have in the Sarnia area.