Dental Crowns in Sarnia

Dental crowns are used to restore the integrity of damaged teeth and can now be placed in a single visit. The crowns are designed to fit over top of the existing tooth or implant and are then permanently bonded in place using dental cement.

Patients who need a dental crown in Sarnia can rely on our dentists here at Slipacoff Dental. We will assess your situation and dental needs and will discuss whether or not a dental crown is right for your smile.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Our Dentists may recommend this option if you have damaged teeth. Dental crowns can restore teeth, and we will first remove any decay or damaged tooth structure remains, after which we will place a dental crown on top of your remaining tooth. This treatment can restore a decayed or damaged tooth back to its regular function and appearance. 

Whether you have existing tooth decay or recent tooth damage, a dental crown may be a great choice, and we will discuss this treatment in great detail with our patients here in Sarnia to ensure they know what to expect. 

Dental Crowns: Sarnia Dentists May Recommend Them If You:

  • Have a broken or worn down tooth that needs to be restored
  • Have a weak tooth that requires protection 
  • Need a finishing touch for a root canal
  • Are you looking to improve the look of your existing tooth 
  • Want to restore a dental implant 

Materials We Use:

Not all dental crowns are made from the same material, and we will discuss the benefits of each option to help you make informed decisions regarding your smile. We will make professional recommendations based on your specific case and may suggest the following:

  • Metal crowns
  • Resin crowns 
  • Ceramic/porcelain crowns
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns 




Dental Crowns in Sarnia

If you require dental crown services, our team is ready to help! We will discuss whether or not you are a suitable candidate for this treatment and will take the time to learn about your concerns regarding your dental health. A dental crown may be the right option for you, and you can contact us at any time to schedule a consultation.

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Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made porcelain facings that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. In as little as two visits, we will create custom-made veneers to fit the front of your teeth and correct gaps, lengthen small or misshapen teeth and whiten severely discoloured teeth.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells or composite layers bonded directly onto your teeth’s surfaces and used to correct cosmetic flaws such as crookedness and discoloration that resists bleaching treatments or gaps between teeth. They offer an effective solution to common smile issues like these.

Candidates for veneers should possess healthy gums and sufficient tooth enamel remaining to facilitate bonding, in addition to practising good oral hygiene by refraining from smoking and nightly teeth grinding/clenching/grinding.

Your dentist will evaluate your teeth to determine whether you are an ideal candidate and discuss which veneers would work with your smile. Once in treatment, temporary veneers will be given while they’re created in their lab; at a second office visit, they’ll check fit, colour and shape before permanently bonding them into place.

Zoom Whitening Services ™ – Teeth Whitening in Sarnia

Today’s technology makes getting your whitest smile fast, safe and affordable, either in our office or at home. We can help you achieve your brightest smile. We offer Zoom Whitening services in our office, using UV light to speed up the whitening process. We also offer take-home kits that allow you to gradually lighten your teeth in the comfort of your home.

Visit a dentist to whiten teeth effectively; they’ll use a chemical solution to bleach your natural enamel and molecules that may induce any discolouration, lightening the shade of your teeth over time.

Teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental procedures to enhance or transform your smile.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

At-home whitening products typically use either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to whiten teeth. These should be applied daily for two weeks for maximum effectiveness (usually 30–60 minutes each time).

These products target extrinsic stains or discolorations caused by food, beverages and smoking that discolour enamel and dentin.

At-home whitening treatments include toothpaste, mouthwash and strips containing lower concentrations of bleaching agents that should be safe for most patients. Before trying these at-home products yourself, it’s advisable to speak to a dentist to ensure the products will meet your individual needs – tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are common side effects associated with at-home whitening solutions.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

A special light is used by dental professionals to activate the whitening gel. This process usually lasts around an hour and is completely painless. Once applied to the front surfaces of your teeth, the light will be directed onto them until you have reached your desired shade.

As this solution isn’t permanent, your teeth may gradually regain stains over time. Therefore, we usually advise our patients to adopt a home-based maintenance regime of monthly touch-ups using whitening trays in addition to their regular six-month cleanings at our dental practice.

Ideally, this procedure should take place prior to having other restorative treatments done, such as bonding or porcelain veneers, so we can match up the new shade of natural teeth to any restorative materials like bonding or veneers that may follow suit.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening uses a chair side lamp and 25 percent hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel to lighten both tooth enamel and dentin, taking approximately 45–60 minutes and leaving your smile up to eight shades brighter!

As with any treatment, there may be some minor discomfort during treatment; this should pass quickly. Unfortunately, this method is not appropriate for pregnant women or individuals suffering from gum disease, nor for those with sensitive teeth. It also cannot repair cracks or chips in teeth, but you can receive a touch-up kit with custom-fitted trays to maintain a whiter smile at home.

If you’re looking to improve your smile’s cosmetic appearance, teeth whitening in Sarnia may be the solution for you. Get in touch with our Sarnia dental team today to find out more!

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