A whiter smile will improve your confidence and make you feel better overall. When a person likes the appearance of their smile, they will socialize and will enjoy their work and personal life. Teeth whitening is a prevalent treatment, and if you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, this is an option you can discuss with your dentist in Sarnia. 

In the meantime, the following tips will help keep your teeth white:

Limit the consumption of certain beverages

Coffee, tea, fruit juice and red wine will stain teeth over time and limiting their consumption will help keep your teeth white. It’s hard to cut coffee or juice out of your life completely, and if you cannot give up your favourite beverage, you can try the following to limit their adverse effects:

  • Drink your beverage in one sitting instead of over a prolonged period to minimize its contact with your teeth. 
  • Drink lots of water to flush away the harmful ingredients. You can also try brushing your teeth after drinking certain beverages to remove toxic ingredients from your teeth. 

Try to drink water as often as possible and other beverages as a treat to help keep your teeth white and shiny. 

Quit smoking

Smoking is terrible for your body and equally as bad for your teeth. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes will stain your teeth over time, and the longer you smoke, the darker the stains will become. Smoking will lead to yellowed teeth and prevent you from achieving a bright and healthy smile.

Avoid sugary snacks

Sugary snacks are bad for your teeth because they increase the bacteria in your mouth that destroys your enamel over time. No matter how delicious candy and chocolate may be, you cannot eat them all the time because sugary snacks will stick to your teeth and may lead to cavities. 

If you cannot resist a sugary snack, eat them in moderation and try to brush your teeth right after eating them.

Brush and floss daily 

This is the easiest way to maintain a healthy smile. Brushing and flossing every day goes a long way in helping keep your teeth white because it will remove residue from the foods and drinks you consume. Flossing will help maintain a brighter smile by removing food particles that could lead to plaque and tartar, and brushing will help keep your teeth shiny. 

Practicing a proper oral hygiene routine is essential because oral health is directly linked to overall health, and brushing and flossing daily will help keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Use teeth whitening toothpaste

Many brands have teeth-whitening toothpastes, and talking to your dentist in Sarnia is a great idea because they will discuss which products are effective and which ones you should avoid. They will provide professional recommendations and discuss the ingredients you should look for. 

Some products, like coffee, tea, and wine, are very effective and may help reduce staining from culprits. However, they may not remove discolorations deeper than the surface enamel. 

Choose professional in-office teeth whitening

This is the best teeth whitening method and is the most effective. Dentists use professional tools and solutions to whiten teeth and monitor the patient throughout the process to ensure their teeth and gums are not damaged. They will apply the necessary solution, and no mistakes will be made. 

Professional in-office teeth whitening treatments will provide you with noticeable results in a concise amount of time, and your teeth can appear several shades lighter after just one appointment. Additionally, you are less likely to experience tooth or gum sensitivity when you opt for in-office teeth whitening treatment. 

Consider custom-fitted teeth whitening trays

This is another option available at your dentist, and these trays have higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide than those found in whitening toothpaste and non-custom trays. They fit great and are effective in whitening teeth while reducing the amount of peroxide that touches your gums. 

Custom-fitted trays will require two trips to your dentist because they will need to perform a 3D scan of your teeth to create your trays, and they will ensure your trays fit correctly during your second appointment. 

Visit your dentist regularly for a professional cleaning

Daily brushing and flossing are a must, and regular visits to your dentist are equally important. You should visit your dentist twice a year for professional cleanings because dentists use specialty tools and techniques to remove plaque and will clean the hard-to-reach areas your toothbrush cannot access. 

Professional cleanings at your dentist’s office will help keep your teeth clean, and if your dentist thinks you should come in more often, they will discuss this information. 

Do not use hydrogen peroxide at home

There are many trends on social media, and using hydrogen peroxide at home is something you may come across, but this is not a good idea because of safety concerns. Some hydrogen peroxides do not have a high enough concentration to whiten your teeth effectively. If you do find one with a higher concentration, it can cause severe tooth damage. This is why dentists do not recommend using hydrogen peroxide at home to whiten your teeth, as too many risks are involved. 

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