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Dental Implants Sarnia

How Dental Implants Work

There are different solutions available for missing teeth, and dental implants are a great option that can help restore your beautiful smile. This would replace missing roots while supporting artificial replacement teeth, and the best part is that dental implants are very comfortable and look just like natural teeth, so you will love the results….

Family Dental Sarnia

How Your Dental Health Can Be Affected By Osteoporosis

Keeping your bones healthy is very important because they will affect your dental health. Diseases like osteoporosis will impact your oral health and, for this reason, you must care for your bones the way you care for your teeth because they construct the jaw and help hold your teeth in place. The jawbone supports our…

Dental Implants Sarnia

How Do Dental Implants Work?

If you lack self-confidence because of missing teeth, dental implants can help you with this problem. It is a safe solution that will allow you to show off your smile and will restore your confidence as well. If you would like to eat, smile and talk confidently, dental implants are definitely the answer. If you…

Teeth Whitening Sarnia

How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening procedures are very popular and many people turn to this option to achieve a brighter smile. Whiter teeth can help boost your confidence and will provide you with a smile you’ll be proud to show off. If you are considering whitening your teeth, there are a few things you must be aware of,…

Tooth Erosion

Four Beverages That Accelerate Tooth Erosion and Damage

Mouth acid is one of the biggest threats and enemies to tooth enamel. Although tooth enamel is incredibly durable and the strongest substance in one’s body, acidity can weaken and erode the mineral content on teeth. Saliva can effectively neutralize and clean the mouth, neutralizing acid and allowing the enamel to remineralize. Brushing and flossing…

Invisible Braces Sarnia

Four Ways To Slow Down Tooth Wear

Teeth are extremely durable and strong; however, they are not infallible. Our teeth naturally wear with age, and sometimes the enamel can erode at an accelerated rate. While preventing wear entirely is not always an option, you can take measures and precautions to minimize the wear and keep your teeth protected. When teeth become too…

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Why You Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Getting your wisdom teeth removed has become somewhat a rite of passage of adulthood in western society. It is one of the most common dental surgeries performed today, and many people go through with it. But you may be wondering why, especially if your wisdom teeth are not causing you any pain or trouble. While…