How Dental Clinics Care For Patients With Alzheimer’s

Nov 25, 2019 | Dental Information

Dental care is a priority for everyone, regardless of age. However, as we age, it can become exceedingly difficult to maintain our oral health as effectively as before. When patients are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, staying on top of dental hygiene can seem completely unattainable. However, at Slipacoff Dental, it is our mission and priority to ensure each patient receives proper, comprehensive dental care that will ultimately make their lives easier. 

Ensuring elderly patients receive top-quality dental health care may not be a priority for all dental clinics, but it is at Slipacoff Dental. Check out how we use gentle and comprehensive dentistry to care for our patients with Alzheimer’s.

Making For A Successful, Gentle Appointment Each Time

For some, visiting the dentist may trigger some anxieties and uncomfortable feelings. This may especially be the case for patients with Alzheimer’s, as they will not recognize the clinic, dentists, and location. That’s why it’s crucial for dentists to work with caretakers to create a personalized, detailed plan to prepare the patient in advance for a successful visit. Here are some ways our dentists and caretakers can work together to achieve a smooth visit:

  • Inform the patient at least one day in advance of the appointment via email, phone call or the desired form of contact.
  • Determine the most suitable date and time of day for the patient and book appointments accordingly.
  • Have the patient use the washroom to empty their bladder prior to the appointment to relieve themselves and help with stress.
  • Slipacoff Dental is a warm, welcoming, comfortable environment to allow the patient to easily adjust to.
  • Length of appointment should be kept to a minimum of 45 minutes.
  • We accept dental insurance and work with the caretaker and patient to achieve the reimbursement you are entitled to and information on any fees in relation to the plan.
  • Providing clear, comprehensive follow-up instructions post-appointment is imperative to a patient’s dental care success. We will always keep the needs of the patient in mind and apply them to each appointment and post-appointment care.

Common Dental Health Issues That Affect Patients With Alzheimer’s

As patients with Alzheimer’s may forget other essential parts of their daily routine, brushing and flossing may escape their memory as well. Some common dental issues that patients with Alzheimer’s may face include:

  • Cavities: When brushing and flossing are not being done daily, bacteria can build-up and eat at the enamel to cause cavities.
  • Broken Teeth: It could either be a chip or severely broken teeth, however, either must be addressed to avoid infection.
  • Dry Mouth: A common symptom that patients with Alzheimer’s face, dry mouth can lead to sores and ulcers if left untreated.

Slipacoff Dental will always treat each patient with compassionate care and apply the same values to our gentle dentistry methods. With over 38 years of providing teeth whitening, teeth implants, dental crowns, and dental bridge services and more in Sarnia, our family-owned clinic has the best experience to provide you with exceptional care. Make an appointment to get started with us today!