When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Jun 20, 2019 | Dental Information

While you might know that a dental crown is an artificial tooth cover that is placed over an existing tooth, do you know how revolutionary the crown is for correcting dental problems? If you want to learn more about the world of dental crowns, then this is the guide for you!

Why You Need a Dental Crown

A wide variety of dental problems can result in needing a dental crown. A dental crown can be used to protect a weak tooth from decay or breakage or hold a cracked tooth together. Teeth that have been worn down over time can be rebuilt using dental crowns. Crowns are also commonly used to cover up teeth that are misshapen, heavily discoloured or otherwise need to be modified.

What a Crown is Made of

A dental crown can be made of several different materials. Depending on where you go and what your dentist recommends, you could have a tooth-coloured ceramic crown, a metal alloy crown or a porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown. The material chosen will also depend on where the filling will be placed. If it will be visible when you speak or smile, a natural ceramic crown will likely be used. If it is at the back of your mouth, a metal crown may be used.

Placing a Crown

Two visits are usually needed when a dental crown needs to be placed, separated by two weeks. The first appointment focuses on preparing the tooth, repairing any damage or removing any signs of decay. The tooth will likely need to be reshaped as well, in order to make room for the crown. It needs to fit comfortably in the tooth, making sure it does not sit too high and interfere with your bite. Once this is all done, a temporary crown will be placed while the permanent one is made. The second appointment is when the permanent dental crown will be bonded to your tooth.

Caring for Dental Crowns

Taking care of your dental crowns is no different from taking care of your natural teeth. As long as you brush your teeth twice a day and floss in between meals, you will be able to properly care for your dental crowns. It is also important that you stick to visiting your dentist regularly to ensure that your teeth are as healthy as can be.

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