Five Reasons For Pain In Your Jaw

Dec 15, 2019 | Dental Information

Jaw pain can be an extremely frustrating, debilitating occurrence that impacts your natural ability to chew, speak and swallow. Jaw pain can derive from many different conditions and not only trigger pain in the jaw area, but the sinuses, ear canal and teeth as well. The pain can range from slightly uncomfortable to horrifically painful and leave you wondering if it will ever dissipate.

Fortunately, it will pass and you can even prevent it from developing in the first place when you are familiar with the potential causes of jaw pain. Check out the five most common causes for jaw pain below.

1. Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder (TMD)

TMD is a condition that causes jaw pain on either side of the mouth and affects the ability to eat, drink, yawn, speak and floss. The temporomandibular joints are either side of the jaw and connect to the skull. TMD can be caused by several different reasons, including:
● Pain or injury from muscles that control the movement of the jaw
● Overstimulation of the jaw
● A displaced jaw disc; the disc acts as a cushion to help the jaw movement
● Arthritis in the jaw joint disc
● Teeth grinding
● Clenching of the jaw due to stress or anxiety

2. Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are extremely painful headaches that occur sporadically and in clusters. They can range from one headache every few days to several headaches within a day depending on the severity of the condition. Cluster headaches can cause pain around the eyes from tension which can transfer to the jaw.

3. Sinus Issues

Sinuses cavities which are in extremely close proximity to the jaw joint and are filled with air. When the sinuses become infected with bacteria, mucus will build-up and ultimately put pressure onto the jaw joint resulting in severe pain or discomfort.

4. Tooth Abscess

tooth abscess occurs when a tooth becomes filled with pus after the tooth’s center becomes infected with germs. This is often a result of tooth infection or a broken tooth which makes the tooth susceptible and open to bacteria seeping in. This bacteria build-up can cause severe pain that spreads to the jaw joint.

5. Heart Attack

Heart attacks can impact the entire body, including the chest, back, arms as well as the jaw. Women are actually more susceptible to experience jaw pain on the left area of their jaw when experiencing a heart attack. You may notice a sharp pain in your tooth area, which is the result of jaw pain that was likely a symptom of the heart attack.

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