A Guide To The Foods & Beverages That Contain Acid And Why They Are Harmful To Oral Health

Nov 18, 2019 | Dental Information

Many believe that if they avoid foods that are high in sugar, they are safe when it comes to preventing tooth decay. Unfortunately, sugar is not the only source of oral health harm. Acid is found in a variety of everyday foods and drinks and can be the cause of weakened tooth enamel, which leads to erosion, discolouration, and decay. Most foods are made up of low quantities of acid, however, the high-acid foods are something to be cognizant of to prevent detrimental effects to one’s oral health.

To keep your smile healthy and happy, Slipacoff Dental has comprised a guide of the high-acid foods to be aware of and how they harm your oral health.

Sodas and Other Carbonated Drinks

The fizz that carbonated drinks are well-known for is also a sign of a beverage high in acid. Carbonated flavoured waters can also have a significant negative impact on tooth enamel because the fizz is filled with weak acids. Pops contain sugar which interacts with germs in the mouth that create acid. Acid damages the teeth by attacking the enamel by reducing the hardness on the surface. In addition to erosion of the teeth, sodas also cause cavities because of the acid. Kicking the soda habit can be difficult, but is important to combat bad oral health. Drink sodas in moderation and avoid consuming carbonated beverages before bedtime.

Citric Fruits

Fruits are delicious and a healthy component of a well-balanced diet. However, some citrus fruits contain high quantities of acid, which causes tooth erosion. These sour and sweet fruits are arguably the most powerful offenders against healthy teeth and gums. Lemon, limes, oranges, tomatoes, and grapes are among the most acidic fruits available. However, completely eliminating them from your diet would be a mistake, because of how nutritious and beneficial citric fruits are for the body. To enjoy these fruits and ensure optimal oral health, have your citric fruits with a meal instead of as a snack throughout the day and wash them down with water.

Alcohol Beverages

Alcoholic beverages contain sugar and acid which are highly erosive on oral health. When a tooth erodes, they expose the yellow dentin underneath the surface, which makes the tooth look discoloured. Alcohol also softens the enamel of the teeth and can reduce the natural saliva flow over time. By limiting your consumption of alcohol, you are reducing the likelihood of developing dry mouth or tooth decay. Ensure you brush and floss teeth, and drink water after drinking alcohol to avoid plaque build-up and erosion.

Slipacoff Dental understands how delicious and irresistible these tasty treats can be. However, it is worth it to limit your consumption and exposure, plus visit us for regular cleanings and check-ups to keep your oral health in check. We also offer teeth whitening services in Sarnia for patients that want a beautiful shine to those pearly whites. To learn more about our various dental services from dental crowns, to invisible braces in Sarnia, send us a message or give us a call today!