Is It Safe to Brush Your Teeth with Charcoal Toothpaste?

Jul 5, 2023 | Cosmetic Dental Care, Dental Information

Charcoal teeth whitening is taking the world by storm, and this is a trend many people have seen on social media. If you’re curious about this teeth whitening option, this guide will tell you everything you need to know!

It Is Gritty and Abrasive

Charcoal is not the most harmful of substances, but not all dentists recommend this teeth whitening option, and we will discuss other methods that are not as abrasive. Charcoal is gritty, and while this aspect can help remove surface stains and plaque from your teeth, it is harsh, which means it can also remove surface enamel and reveal the soft yellow layer called dentin below. 

Residue Concerns

Additionally, the use of charcoal can sometimes leave behind grey or black specks on the teeth and gums, and this may cause you to brush harder to get rid of them. This can make matters worse and will speed up the abrasive effects. 

Wearing Down Your Enamel

Many people become excited when they first start using charcoal toothpaste because it can lighten stains on your teeth and make them appear whiter. The charcoal will eventually wear down the enamel on your teeth, however, and this cannot be replaced, which is why you have to be careful. Once enamel is gone, your tooth will become vulnerable to cavities and sensitivity, and you may experience numerous dental problems. The fine, abrasive grains found in charcoal may do the job at first, but can cause problems in the future. 

No Clinical Proof of Safe, Lasting Results

Many dentists are hesitant to recommend charcoal toothpaste because there is no proof that this can improve your dental health, and patients may not actually experience any benefits. Some dentists may even caution that activated charcoal might have the opposite effect. It may look as though your teeth are brighter in the short term because stains and plaque will rub away, but your tooth enamel will wear down in the long term, and the dentin inside your teeth may start to show.

Dentin is a darker colour, and your teeth will end up looking a darker shade, which would defeat the purpose of charcoal toothpaste. Tooth enamel cannot be regrown, which is why many dentists will not recommend this product.

Choose Quality, Professional Teeth Whitening

Some dentists may say you can use charcoal toothpaste once every month or so to scrub away stains, and this product is not the worst thing that is available, but there are other and better ways to improve the appearance of your smileProfessional teeth whitening is highly recommended because a dentist will apply the perfect amount of whitening solution and will monitor the process to ensure your gums and teeth do not become damaged.

They will also consider sensitivity and will eliminate pain. They will apply the right ingredients and leave the solution on your teeth for the right amount of time. 


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