Six Tips To Ease Child Teething Pain

May 21, 2020 | Dental Information

Teething is a difficult time for both parent and child. As exciting as it may be to anticipate the arrival of your child’s first tooth, it is also daunting as your child will be struggling with inflamed gums, continuous drooling, and even the development of a rash on their face. This discomfort your child will experience due to teething can also cause them to become irritable, exhausted and upset. When the teething time finally arrives, use the following six essential techniques to ease your child’s pain and relieve both yours and their stress.

1. Apply Gentle Pressure To Their Gums

Using a clean, wet washcloth, massage the inside of your child’s gums to relieve them of their pain and discomfort. This process is effective because of the texture of the cloth and the moisture cools their gums and provides them with necessary numbing relief.

2. Give Them Teething Toys

Providing your child with a comfortable and soothing toy to bite on can soothe their discomfort. There is a variety of silicone-based, completely solid teething rings are a great choice for them to use. Place the rings in the fridge for a few hours prior to giving it to them. The coolness of the toy can ease gum pain.

3. Provide Chilled Foods

Chilled fruits and vegetables are not only healthy but make for great teething solutions. Chill the food in the fridge until they are very cool and give it to your child. Ensure you are watching your child as they eat the food. Many babies may be excited about this fun tweak on essential foods. They are also receiving necessary vitamins while chewing!

4. Use A Baby Toothbrush

For toddlers, using their old baby toothbrush to chew on can be a huge way to relieve them of discomfort. The toothbrush bristles can really satisfy irritation and relieve the itch inside their gums. This also distracts them and is a simple, inexpensive teething solution.

5. Ensure They Are Staying Hydrated

Your child will often be excessively drooling and may lose their appetite when teething. Both of those factors can dehydrate your child and have them feeling even more uncomfortable. Ensure they are drinking a lot of water, especially cold liquids to relieve the gum inflammation.

6. Ensure They Are Getting A Restful Sleep

Keeping babies well-rested can not only relieve them of discomfort for a few hours but can reduce their irritability as well. Honour their routine nap schedule and if the teething pain wakes them or prevents them from sleep, talk to our dentist about pain solutions that may help.

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