Dental Bridge vs. Implant: What’s the Difference?

Feb 13, 2020 | Dental Information

When it comes to tooth replacement and restoration, there are a few different options that patients can consider, including dental bridges and dental implants, both of which are used to replace lost teeth. While they serve the same purpose, they are two very different procedures and determining which option is best is something you’ll have to discuss with your dentist, who will make sure you choose the right procedure based on your needs. Knowing what each procedure entails will help you make a better decision and understand why your dentist recommends one over the other.

Dental bridges are used to close the gap created by missing teeth and much like the name suggests, this option will bridge the gap with two anchoring crowns that are placed on either side of the gap, so that a false tooth can be placed in between. The false tooth can be made of porcelain, alloys, gold or even a combination of materials and the bridge itself is held in place by your natural teeth. A dental bridge will help restore the appearance of your teeth while keeping the remaining teeth in place and will also allow you to chew and speak more comfortably.

Dental bridges normally last about ten years and there are different types of bridges a dentist can recommend, depending on the patient’s situation and needs. Extra care will have to be applied when flossing with a bridge so that you maintain good oral hygiene and while bridges cost less than implants, they are not as durable, which is why they will have to be replaced after a certain period.

A dental implant, on the other hand, will replace a missing tooth with an implanted false tooth and a metal post will be surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone so that the false tooth can be mounted into it. This procedure is surprisingly simple and results in very little post-op discomfort. The implant will be fused to the jawbone to serve as a durable and stable support for the false tooth or teeth, which helps create a solid base that will be permanent and one of the reasons why a dental implant is more expensive than a bridge. You will almost never need to get it replaced because they usually last a lifetime and in addition to this, dental implants also look just like a person’s natural teeth. This option is only possible if the patient’s gums and bone are healthy; otherwise, it will be unable to support the implant.

Cost and durability are the key differences between these two options and Slipacoff Dental in Sarnia can help you make the right choice. Whether you need a dental bridge, dental crowns, teeth implants, veneers, invisible braces or teeth whitening, Slipacoff Dental does it all, so call to book an appointment now.