What is CEREC Dentistry?

Feb 22, 2014 | Dental Information, Restorative Dental Care

Looking to whiten your smile in a way that gives you the confidence to show the world your pearly white on a regular basis? Put your best smile forward with Zoom Whitening – available at all our dental office locations.

Zoom teeth whitening has been proven to whiten most patients’ teeth up to eight shades. And, while other teeth-whitening products have been shown to actually harm your teeth and gums, Zoom does the exact opposite – protecting your natural enamel and giving you a greater luster than before.

Like a lot of advanced teeth whiteners, you can only get Zoom at a dentist’s office to ensure complete safety. And, it’s available in various types and strengths depending on the goals for your smile.

A Teeth Whitening Experience Tailored to Your Needs

Since it was introduced on the market, more than 10 million people have had their smiles brightened thanks to Zoom. Our in-office treatments are a quick and easy way to whiten your teeth with maximum comfort. The Zoom system includes desensitizers that minimize any sensitivity you may haven and it’s a dentist-supervised procedure that is clinically proven to whiten and brighten your smile in just one easy office visit.

How Zoom Whitening Works

It takes about one hour to go through the entire Zoom whitening process in our office. After we cover your lips and gums to protect them, the Zoom gel is applied on your teeth. We then adjust the special Zoom light so that it’s shining over your mouth for 15 minutes. During that time, you’re free to relax, listen to music, etc. We’ll go through this process with you for three, fifteen-minute intervals, totalling about 90 minutes.

The active ingredient in the Zoom whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide. The colourless liquid releases oxygen into your enamel and the underlying dentin to remove discolouration. The special Zoom light speeds the process through activation of the special gel that allows the hydrogen peroxide get deeper below surface of your teeth and give you a whiter smile.

Preparing for Your Zoom Whitening Treatment

As with most modern teeth whitening procedures done in a dentist’s office, Zoom is not to be considered a “quick fix.” We do need to perform an exam before your treatment (not necessarily same-day) to determine the nature of your tooth stains and whether Zoom is a viable option for you as stains caused by some medications or fluorosis are able to be treated with Zoom). For optimal whitening, we suggest you have a complete dental cleaning just prior to your Zoom treatment to remove any pre-existing plaque and tartar that might interfere with your whitening results.

Zoom has been developed to keep your teeth white for a substantial period of time after the procedure. However, the get the best results and greatest longevity from your Zoom whitening, we advise you to brush and floss daily.

Benefits of Having Zoom Whitening Done in our Dental Office

A whiter, brighter smile is obviously the main goal of most patients when it comes to whitening, but the benefits don’t end there:

  • Zoom Whitening is Fast and Effective: Zoom teeth whitening gives you a whiter, brighter smile in about 45 minutes. The process is sped up through the use of the Zoom lamp – whitening your teeth by up to eight shades.
  • Zoom Whitening Lasts: Zoom whitening has been developed to keep your teeth whiter for a longer period of time. Taking care of your teeth by brushing and flossing will help maintain your results.
  • Zoom Whitening is Safe: Because we perform Zoom whitening in-office, you can rest assured is it’s completely safe. During the process, a dental professional from our office is by your side to monitor your progress and make sure that that you’re getting the best care possible.

With Zoom whitening now in Wyoming Family Dental & Cosmetic Centre, getting a white, brighter smile from a dental professional is easier than ever. Give us a call or stop by the office to learn how Zoom whitening can help your smile today.