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Invisible Braces Sarnia

The Many Benefits of Orthodontics & Braces for Adults

Many adults are choosing to obtain orthodontic treatment for a variety of different reasons, including aesthetic reasons and to improve their overall oral health. As dental technology advances, there are many different options on the market if you are looking to get orthodontics on your own terms. When teeth are not properly aligned, they can…

Invisible Braces Sarnia

What Orthodontic Issues can Invisalign Treat?

When it comes to orthodontics, there are a number of different treatment options with varying orthodontic devices. Braces, palate expanders, headgear, spacers, and Invisalign are all different types of orthodontia. These devices each target common orthodontic issues and, by the end of treatment, offer each patient a perfect smile. Methods like palate expanders, traditional braces,…

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Benefits of Oral Sedation

Dentistry has made significant advances over the years in becoming almost virtually pain free. But for some people dentistry can still be stressful. However one of the ways to help overcome this fear is through oral sedation. Advantages of Oral Sedation Although it may sound scary, there are plenty of advantages to sedation. It’s easy…