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Jaw Pain and Temporomandibular Joint Problems

There hasn’t been a definitive study, but as dentists, we know anecdotally that many adults, at some point, will experience jaw pain and pain associated with the face and head: ear pain, facial pain, pain when biting, etc. Because there are so many possible causes of these types of pain, it’s difficult pinpoint the cause…

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Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Every year, millions of men and women in North America are affected by diabetes. Those who have been diagnosed with it understand that it can cause problems with various body parts and systems including the nerves, eyes, kidneys and the heart. There are a number of oral health problems that dentists associate with diabetes as…

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Oral Health During Pregnancy

When the news comes that you are expecting a child, a lot goes through your head. How will you decorate the baby’s room? Will you get morning sickness? What name will you choose? One thing that, understandably, does not jump to the forefront of most expecting mothers during pregnancy is the question of how your…