Can Flavoured Floss Be the Key to Better Flossing?

Jul 12, 2015 | Dental Information, Oral Health Care, Preventative Dental Care

Good flossing habits are key to having a healthy mouth. With all of the many choices of floss there are on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you and your family. Finding one that makes flossing more enjoyable is sure to lead to flossing more consistently.

Flossing: Often Neglected, Yet Easy To Do

Due to the fact that good flossing habits are key to a healthy mouth, it is critical to know the correct oral care routine. As dentists we recommend, in addition to flossing once per day, that you also brush a minimum of two times per day and use a mouth wash one to two times per day. Flossing however, is a step that is often neglected – or not done properly. Without proper flossing, you will miss all of the food that brushing is not able to get. This is the food that gets stuck between your teeth and leads to problems down the road.

To floss properly, and collect all of the food brushing leaves behind, you need to start with 18” of dental floss. You will wind about 12” of it around either your middle or index finger, and the other 6” around the same finger on the opposite hand. As your floss begins to collect the debris release fresh floss and wrap the used floss around the finger that started with 6” of floss, being sure to keep a consistent tension. It is important to get the gums at the back of your mouth around your molars.

Proper Flossing Technique Leads to Better Results

Why is it that proper flossing techniques, and flossing daily, is so important to a healthy mouth? The purpose of flossing and brushing is to reduce the number of bacteria present in your mouth. Too much of this bacteria can lead to gum diseases such a gingivitis (a potentially uncomfortable and complicated disease). The bacteria also produce an acid that eats away at tooth enamel and causes cavities and is also the cause of bad breath. This troublesome bacteria can be found in plaque that hides between teeth, and in the gum line.

So what types of flavoured floss are on the market, and how can that help you and your families flossing routine? Dental floss can be found in array of flavours, suitable to any pallet. From cinnamon, to mint and peppermint, and fruit flavoured, there is something for everyone. There is even fruit flavoured floss pick that are perfect for young children, and if your children are not terribly enthusiastic about flossing, then a flavoured floss might be just the thing. It may be helpful to explain to them that the floss is not only good at keeping their mouth clean, but keeping their breath fresh. Teenagers might find this particularly motivating, and floss a helpful item to have in their backpack for use after lunch. Not only do the floss picks come flavoured, but they also come in many shapes and colours that might help excite children about the prospect of oral hygiene.

Flavoured Floss: Not Just for Kids

Flavoured floss can also help adults. Adults come into close contact with friends, family, and co-workers on a daily basis, so having fresh breath is a must. Using a flavoured floss after lunch can be an easy solution to maintaining good breath throughout the day, and a helpful reminder so that you are sure to floss every day. Flossing midday is also beneficial if you do not have the time or proper place to brush your teeth after lunch or a midday treat.

Flavoured floss might just be the dental care item you have been missing from your arsenal. It is the perfect thing to have on your side to keep your mouth healthy, and your breath fresh. It is healthier for your mouth, because unlike gum contains no sugar, and it also helps rid your mouth of dangerous bacteria while still keeping your breath fresh.