Things You Should Know About Cone Beam C.T. Scan

Feb 12, 2021 | Oral Health Care

Technology is constantly evolving and revolutionizing the medical sector, with dentistry being no different. Today’s 3D dental cone beam C.T. is transforming modern dentistry and how it informs both dentists and patients.

What is a Cone Beam C.T. Scan?

Also known as Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT), cone beam computed tomography is a piece of dental x-ray equipment that’s designed to take panoramic 3D imaging of a patient’s mouth, including gums, teeth, nerve pathways, and soft tissues all within one go. This means dentists can better analyze and diagnose problem areas with greater degrees of certainty and clarity.

Cone Beam Uses

Even if relatively recent, cone beam imaging already has plenty of dentistry applications that help dentists better treat their patients, from diagnosis to dental procedure prep. Some common uses include:

  • Fast and accurate dental implant placement
  • Fast and thorough inspection of the patient’s jaw, sinuses, and nasal cavity
  • Preparation for dental treatments to help treat sleep apnea
  • Location of tooth and mouth pain
  • Certain reconstructive and cosmetic procedural planning
  • Tooth extraction planning

Cone Beam Imaging vs. Standard Dental X-Rays

Additionally, cone beam imaging has several advantages over more traditional dental x-rays. It’s much less invasive and uncomfortable than the latter, as there’s no need for extra equipment; cone beam imaging maintains your comfort while still allowing dentists to clearly see your mouth easily.

Cone beam imaging also reduces radiation exposure compared to standard x-rays thanks to less scatter radiation, providing a more focused picture. In some cases, the radiation exposure time can be as little as a few seconds.

What to Expect

When you go in for a cone beam C.T., there are some things to expect. The scan itself takes around 14 seconds to complete. Your dentist will have you stand as still and as centered as possible, holding both the machine’s hand grips and biting down on a sanitized mouthpiece; the latter is necessary to reduce movement. The scanner itself will revolve around your head in order to take the images.

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