Is There Hope for Sensitive Teeth Whitening?

Jul 5, 2023 | Cosmetic Dental Care, Dental Information

Receding gums, gingivitis, or cracked teeth can all cause tooth sensitivity, and if this is something you experience, whitening may be a challenge. Talking to your dentist about teeth whitening procedures is a great place to start because they will discuss whether or not this is a possibility and what you can expect. 

Tooth Sensitivity Starts At the Gum Line

Your dentist will consider your dental history and will make professional recommendations regarding the most effective and comfortable whitening option for sensitive teeth. If they do not think this is a good idea, they will discuss the reasons why. Patients with gum disease, for example, will first have to treat this problem before starting a whitening program. Tooth sensitivity often starts at the gum line, which is why a dentist may be hesitant to provide whitening treatments until this issue is resolved. 

Cavities will also need to be filled before starting a teeth whitening procedure, and the good news is these problems can be treated. If your dentist feels your teeth are in good condition afterwards, you may be able to receive teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening With Less Concentration in the Formula

Those with sensitive teeth may be able to pursue teeth whitening options, and the answer will not always be a no from your dentist. Depending on the severity of your sensitivity levels, they may use whitening ingredients in a less concentrated formula to provide you with results. You may need more treatments, and you may not achieve the exact shade of white you want, but you may still see noticeable results, and there may be ways for you to receive teeth whitening treatment. A mild formula may be considered by your dentist; the process will be both painless and effective.

Customized, Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, do not use at-home teeth whiteners, as they can be uncomfortable and may lead to intense discomfort. When teeth are whitened at a dental office, the ingredients can be adjusted, and your dentist will monitor the procedure to ensure your gums are not being harmed. They will know the right amount of whitening solution to apply without causing you pain or discomfort, and will put a stop to the treatment if there is a problem.

They can also apply the solution for a shorter amount of time and will know when to remove the ingredients. At-home whitening kits may be effective for some people, but if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, you can end up causing more damage, and this risk is not worth taking. 


Do you want a whiter and brighter smile? Slipacoff Dental can help! We will assess your sensitivity and will make professional recommendations regarding teeth whitening solutions. We will tell you whether or not you are a suitable candidate for this treatment and discuss your dental goals and concerns. 

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