Common Causes of Tooth Discolouration and How to Prevent Them

Jun 9, 2023 | Oral Health Care

Tooth discolouration is fairly common, and your teeth can become stained for many reasons, including poor dental hygiene, disease and your lifestyle. 

Causes of Tooth Discolouration

Smoking or chewing tobacco

This is a terrible habit that will not only increase your chances of gum disease; it may also cause your teeth to turn yellow. Smokers will have a hard time keeping their teeth white and shiny as tobacco will have a negative effect. 


Individuals who love coffee, tea and wine will notice tooth discolouration. Certain fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, blueberries and beets can also stain teeth, which is why you must be mindful of bright and dark-coloured foods. 

Poor dental hygiene

If you do not brush and floss your teeth every day, you will soon start to see discolouration, and a poor dental hygiene routine will significantly affect the colour of your teeth. 


Calcium deficiency, liver disease, celiac disease and eating disorders can all impact tooth colour. 


Some antibiotics, antihistamines and high blood pressure medications can cause tooth discolouration, and you should inform your dentist if you are taking any medications. 


Your tooth enamel will become thinner as you age, which will reveal the dentin underneath. This, too, will become discoloured as we age. 

How to Prevent Tooth Discolouration 

Certain lifestyle changes can help you maintain a brighter and whiter smile. Quitting smoking, for example, will do wonders for your teeth, and this step will help prevent tooth discoloration, as will drinking less coffee.

Other helpful tips to prevent tooth discolouration include:

Drinking Lots of Water

Do this frequently, especially after meals, because water will help remove food particles that cause discolouration. 

Use a Straw

The use of a straw when drinking bright or dark-coloured beverages will help minimize contact with your teeth. 

Follow a Healthy Diet

Green, leafy vegetables can strengthen tooth enamel, as can nuts, cheeses, yogurts and foods that are rich in fibre. This will help prevent tooth discolouration. 

Follow a Proper Dental Hygiene Routine

Make sure you brush and floss twice a day to keep your teeth clean.

Get a Dental Cleaning Every 6 Months

Do not forget to schedule dental appointments because professional cleanings and checkups are a must! 


Are you unhappy with the colour of your teeth? It may be time to talk to your dentist about stains and discolouration. Our dentists here at Slipacoff Dental can assess the condition of your teeth to provide you with suitable treatment. Teeth whitening procedures are available at our office, and we can discuss brighter shades for your teeth. We will help you set realistic expectations based on the severity of the stains and will discuss the benefits of teeth whitening treatment. We love serving our patients here in Sarnia and care about our community.

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