5 Major Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

Feb 10, 2019 | Dental Information

Visiting a dentist is something most people procrastinate on. Whether it is to get our scheduled annual check-ups, getting a root canal or replacing a missing tooth, for as long as possible most of us tend to postpone going to a dentist. Most dental issues that cause pain, swelling or bleeding are most likely to be noticed and rectified by patients on a priority basis according to Sarnia dentists. However, tooth problems that do not cause any obvious pain or discomfort are often ignored by patients for a really long time.

One of the most commonly ignored issues is replacing a missing tooth. A missing tooth may seem like a minor issue, especially if it is not one of your front teeth which may affect the symmetry of your smile, it is easy to ignore it. However, there are many reasons why ignoring a missing tooth and not getting dentures promptly may be a really bad idea. Here are the top five reasons why missing teeth must be replaced.


We all have studied that our food digestion process starts at the chewing stage. With a missing tooth, this process is compromised and often results in inappropriately chewed food. Food that is partially chewed causes pressure on the digestive system making you feel queasy and uncomfortable, compromising your overall health.

Cavity and infection

A missing tooth creates a gap between two teeth and a cavity in your gums. Food particles can get accumulated in these spaces are create a possibility of gum infection or tooth decay in the long term.

Crooked teeth

Your teeth are supported by the teeth surrounding them. Tooth gaps result in adjacent teeth shifting towards the vacant space slowly increasing the distance between all the teeth in your oral cavity. Although it is a fairly slow process and can take months or years to happen, it results in crooked teeth and spoils the aesthetic appeal of your mouth. What more, such a gap provides ample opportunity for the formation of the oral cavity.


There are multiple occasions in a day when you need to meet and interact with people professionally and personally. Having a missing tooth spoils the overall appeal and confidence you have due to your face and features. A missing tooth can spoil the appeal of your smile and tarnish your confidence.

Imbalanced chewing

You may be surprised but even without realizing it, many people start chewing only from one side of their jaw and avoiding the side that has the missing tooth. Many dentists claim that patients with missing teeth are likely to choose a fuller side of their jaw for chewing and completely overusing only one side of their teeth. This harms the quality of chewing and can lead to bigger issues.

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